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OMG! I'm sad for you to leave there! It seems like you've changed so much because of that place and those people (and I mean that in a very positive way!), but I've kind of watched it, literally, from afar...mostly on Facebook. I'll be happy to see it all in person!
I'm happy you'll be close by now & I hope we are able to get together with some frequency. I can't tell you how excited I am that my kids will finally be able to spend time with you and your family. William hasn't even met any Bratcher's except you!


I'm so glad it has been a positive experience for all of you. Sounds like it was paradise in many ways. Don't know if Ft. Campbell came come close to matching it, but there are at lot of use very glad to have you all back home. Maybe these Abbott Street folks can visit for some Southern Hospitality!

Looking forward to seeing you.....just wish we knew when!!!!!

Eva Joy

So happy your life has been so enriched by your time there! I'm excited to have you home, but sad you have to leave so much behind. I pray you will find as much joy and be blessed with great friends and experiences here at home too.I love you.

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